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A bit about me - 

Things I love:


Taking pictures.


Being a soccer mom.


Black yoga pants (right, ladies?).

My hottie husband.


Becoming friends with my clients.




Things I do not love:



Movies with sad endings.

Crumbs in my bed.


Black liquorice.

Mean people.





So there are a few things I love and don't love. Maybe you came to this tab wanting to know about my history, or maybe how I got started in photography. So here's a little tidbit about those things: 


I was born and raised in STL and LOVE IT. Fell in love at 16 and never looked back...married the stud muffin as soon as we were both done with college and so far we've made three very cute babies and adopted two very cute puppies. I have a fabulous family and some fabulous friends and I love Jesus and most people and all dogs. :)


I've always loved photography and my business kind of started on accident...the best accident that's ever happened to me!  


I guess the most important thing for YOU to know about ME is that I absolutely, positively love what I do. I love capturing incredible moments. I will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and we will have FUN! And after you're done having fun, you'll end up with photos you will love and cherish for years to come. 


Please contact me with ANY questions anytime!



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